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The mid-August dog days of summer are upon us, and if we are lucky enough, some of our time might be spent at a place other than our primary residence. What I always loved about heading to the cottage was wildly anticipating the lake’s horizon after what seemed like an endless drive. There is no better feeling than after having arrived, putting your cares away and just enjoying the agenda-free day however we pleased.  What also added exponentially to that experience was how I felt inside the cottage, enjoying the legion of company at night in a comfortable and functional space. I can officially say that’s where I not only became fascinated with scrabble, but also interior design.  I was always mesmerized by the dining table’s multi-coloured circle-patterned protective plastic cover while waiting for my turn to play. The vintage racing car wallpaper in my brother’s room, the antique sink in mine, and the glossy painted floors are just a few of my fondest cottage décor memories.

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Summertime….it is such a wonderful time for holidays, outdoor parties, bar-b-ques and just enjoying our “outdoor livingrooms”!!! How we Calgarians love to enjoy our yards, patios and gardens with pots filled with glorious bursts of colourful flowers and dressing up our patios and decks with furniture, area carpets, canapy shelters with chandeliers and even torchs to light the night (and keep away the mosquitos)….These are the dreams of summertime which, unfortunately, passes all too quickly!! This lands us smack in the middle of autumn and hopefully a lovely Indian summer when all of a sudden we are once again inside our homes preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas and inside décor projects! NOW is the time to start planning for these !! (more…)