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Many clients are very interested today in making their homes more environmentally friendly.  This can include anything from the way the architecture of the house is created to take advantage of natural heat, light and airflow, through to ensuring that building products and materials contain non-hazardous substances and are sourced as close to locally as possible. When it comes to the interiors of the home, there are many eco conscious options available for flooring, walls, and ceiling treatments and materials. However, one element of a homes interior which seems to be more elusive to track down are eco friendly options for furnishings and fabrics.  Yet there are a lot of solutions out there which are available for both reasonable and high-end budgets and which span a wide range of styles from traditional, transitional, rustic and contemporary. Check out the following images to see just how wide the range of options is, proving that there are suitable solutions for every style and budget. Reclaimed Wood Breakfast Table: $800