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The most vital room in the house is the kitchen. This culinary space is the heart of the home, whether a large family or a single person dwells within. My family spends most of our time anchored to this room while we're doing homework, entertaining family and friends or devouring a quick breakfast before hockey practice. At this moment, it also serves as my office, so I am thinking about investing in more comfortable bar stools! The sun is streaming through the windows; I have my cup of coffee close at hand and have fresh air coming through the back door. It is my favorite room in the house. Most likely it is your family's favorite as well. The amount of time we spend in our kitchens is reflective of the budget and planning that this room deserves in comparison to other rooms in the house. High quality planning is essential for the "here and now" in our kitchens, but it is also great for resale value later on down the road. A fabulous (and practical!) kitchen adds value to our homes and requires thoughtful, knowledgeable planning. Take the time and additional expense required to get it right! Kitchen renovations come in all sizes: full renovations with new cabinets, new counter tops and island, or perhaps something simple like new backsplash tile or paint. Clearly evaluating and identifying how your family uses (or would like to use) this crucial room is a first step. What works in your current kitchen and what needs to be changed?  Planning also means thinking about the possibility of selling your home and what the design of your kitchen may mean to a potential buyer down the road. A kitchen with good ‘bones’ will make it easier for future buyers to make the space their own. Good planning is important in any renovation, but paramount for a kitchen renovation. (more…)We have just returned from the IDS in Toronto, Jan 25-Jan27th. One of my favorite upcoming trends is that you don’t have to worry so much about having everything matchy-matchy.. allow yourself some freedom and challenge yourself to new ideas!

STOP Being so Matchy

The trend is to clash your fabrics and stimulate the senses! Evoke conversation with all who enter your room. Patterns will also become more inspired by Folklore African, Bulgarian, Mexican.... animals, culture and crafts will all come in to play. Look for that amazing pillow with all the color and pattern that makes you smile. Match it with a vase or a plant that has similar colors and move that color around the room! To really take your room to the next level, combine that color with other colors that compliment, and really enjoy your new space that is sure to inspire and inject new energy into your home! An article by, Lisa Danielewicz Lush Interiors Inc Rooms that live Mobile: 403-589-6574 Email: