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lush interiors & chairs that rock

Designers Lisa and Charlene from Lush Interiors discuss the newest trends for rocking chairs and how easily they can work for any home.

Dating back to the 18th century, the rocking chair has become an iconic furniture piece throughout history. From its traditional origins, the rocking chair has transformed over the years, developing many looks from traditional to ultra modern. More recently, the rocking chair has made a comeback into our day-to-day lives bringing with it, a familiar seat to relax and enjoy. When designing for the home, it’s important to use pieces that invite us to enjoy the space. The rocking chair is just the reminder we need to sit down and enjoy a moment of comfort whether it’s in the living room, study or nursery.

The Designers

LD | Lisa Danielewicz

Lisa has a great eye for proportion and scale allowing her to play with wild patterns and bright colors. When choosing furniture Lisa always finds unique pieces to pull the room together.

CT | Charlene Threatful

Charlene loves to express design through simple, clean lines. Her designs show a great understanding of form and function allowing her to translate her clients needs into beautiful designs.

1/ The Kennedy Rocking Chair by Thrive Home Furnishings

LD | I call this the cabin chic rocker. It would marry well in a warm cabin- like interior. Picture this by the stone fireplace with your hanging argyle stockings.

CT | This chair has a very Danish feel to me with it’s teak wood and curved lines. The arm rest adds a modern twist. Would look great with a graphic fabric.

36”h x 30”w x 40”d

2/ Woven Windsor Rocker by Katie Walker

LD | This could easily be on your porch, as it could be in a little girls bedroom. With it’s light, white and airy design, I would toss a hot pink fuzzy pillow on it. This could be the girlie girls favorite reading chair.

CT | Definitely see this on a porch sitting by the lake enjoying the view. What fun it would be to paint it a bright pink or orange color.

31”h x 28”w x 40”d

3/ Rocking Beech Chair by Tomoko Azumi

LD | This rocker has me thinking a pair of these would look awesome in a high ceiling loft with a large white leather sectional and concrete fireplace.

CT | A really masculine take on a rocker. In a den or office makes a statement all by itself. It would

66”h x 56”w x 62”d

4/ Rocking Chair by Berger Duet

LD | Stop the presses, we finally have a replacement for the man’s lazy boy rocker. I see this chair and ottoman working well in a TV room or den. It is as comfy as it is nice to look at.

CT | Can you say baby’s room? So comfortable! Covered in a soothing pastel fabric, it would be the perfect place to sit back and read to your little one.

35”h x 25”w x 34”d

5/ Roxy Rocker by onefortythree

LD | This is a wonderful take on our mid- century modern revitalization. I would use this as an accent chair in my living room, in a funky library or even a music room. Throw a bright colored toss cushion on it to make it your own.

CT | This mid- modern beauty, by onefortythree would look good anywhere and everywhere. Love the lines and the warmth of the wood.

30”h x 30”w x 30”d

6/ Lookout Mountain Rocker by woodstudio

LD | The name says it all with this chair. The wood stain and leather upholstery would pair well with any cabin retreat.

CT | This rocker shows true quality in a handmade piece. The chair offers a traditional look paired great with a non traditional ottoman. Great to sit back and relax.

42”h x 22”w x 34”d

7/ RC01 Rocking Chair by Jason Lewis Furniture

LD | This rocker adds elegance to any room design. Be it a traditional or contemporary style, this Jason Lewis chair will add interest and warmth.

CT | Love this Jason Lewis chair. I think it may be one of my favorite. Classic, timeless design. The large back would provide lots of support. Would look great in a formal setting.

36”h x 30”w x 32”d