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Designer Picks: Floor Screens / Room Dividers

Designers from ANA Interiors and Collage Interiors discuss the newest trends for floor screens and how easily they can work for any home.

With a lot of Calgary homes these days getting built and renovated with an open concept, it’s nice to carve out a little bit of private space from time to time.

Folding room screens go as far back as 7th Century Chinese royalty. Japanese shoji screens evolved and then the design took Europe by storm. From silk, wood, leather and metal, nowadays they are made from every material and used in many ways.

The Designers

Sylvie Croteau-­‐Willard, the principal at Collage Interiors, loves mixing antiques, wood tones, black and white, metals and other neutrals to create well travelled, collected and timeless spaces. Her firm specializes in inner-­‐city residential and small space design.

Ana Cummings is inspired by nature, an auction aficionado, can’t get enough of wallpaper, and thinks that colour and original art are the best ways to personalize a space. From award-­‐winning show homes to private residences, her ability to transform interiors in addition to successfully translating her clients' visions, are what fulfills her most.

Here are 10 inspired ideas from Sylvie of Collage Interiors and Ana from ANA Interiors on how you can create your own retreat without building any walls. Not only can a floor screen be used to make a cozy nook, they can also be used to fill a large space, add character to an empty corner or be used as a beautiful backdrop to a bed. Take a look at our 10 designer picks!

ANA Interiors’s Top 5 Picks

  1. Here Ana is perched in front of a cream antique panel door style room divider inset with a chalkboard. This could work in a shabby chic of8ice or between a rustic elegant open dining and living room area.
    Consignment Gallery, $445 CAD
  2. This iron philodendron leaf screen from Imax Home is 51” wide by 84” tall. It is visually airy and would look great in an MCM or tropical beach house setting., $510.55
  3. At a substantial 72” wide by 84” inches high, this sophisticated and super private Nolan 3 panel 8loor screen from Owners Select Furniture would make a handsome headboard or room divider for a bedroom in a studio apartment.
    Owners Select Furniture, $4380 USD, available through design professionals
  4. Imagine the light that would re8lect off this classic French styled mirrored 8loor screen in a no longer dark corner of a room. Made from reclaimed solid oak in a weathered black finish, it measures 53.5” wide by 78.5” high.
    Restoration Hardware, $989 USD
  5. What I really like about this gold metal Quatrefoil 8loor screen is that it is see through. The gilded classic motifs are lined with a gold mesh and would sit perfectly between a window and a stand alone tub in a master retreat. It measures 57” wide by 78” high.
    Chintz & Company, $249.00 CAD

Collage Interiors’s Top 5 Picks

  1. This antique, chinoiserie-­‐inspired divider does double duty as both a privacy screen and a stunning piece of art. I love the subtle use of metallics while still being fairly neutral. It’s ornate and timeless without the fussiness. This piece would be perfect as a living room or bedroom focal wall.
    MBW Furniture, cost unknown
  2. This screen is so unique, with its abstract spidery, shattered glass look. I love the sculptural design that has been created out of reclaimed wood pieces. It would be perfect to separate a living/ dining area in a very open space-­‐ keep the open feeling while creating some division and stopping the eye.
    Bliss Home & Design, $1680 USD
  3. I love antique mirror panels and would use them anywhere and everywhere! More specifically, this piece would be lovely in a foyer. Maybe behind a slipper chair and a mini console table-­‐ would be great Feng Shui and work to open up the small space.
    Fratantoni Lifestyles, $833.80 USD
  4. The brass and brushed gold look is right on point for 2015! That combined with the geometric shapes of this piece mean it will really have some design staying power. Add intrigue to a traditional setting by using the screens to flank a floor-­‐to-­‐ ceiling fireplace. With a pair of armchairs, a lamp and an end table you’ve got a luxurious space to retire with a well-­‐deserved nightcap.
    Masins Furniture, $1584
  5. The clean lines are what attracted me to this piece. The mixing of leather and brass is modern and on trend but also a classic look. I can see this used to create a functional of8ice nook in any small space. Pair it with a great reclaimed desk, modern task lamp and a hide rug for a genderless and rich look!
    Bernd Goeckler Antiques, $27 500

It’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends and expensive, a person isn’t likely to change out there furniture every few years to keep up with trends.

But in saying that there are ways to keep your space current and out of a time warp by choosing wisely with professional help.

Paint is the easiest way to change the look of a space and with the proper prep and time you can do yourself, if you have high ceilings and cut out ceiling work hire a professional to save yourself the grief and cost of a fix job.

Lighting as well is a relativity simple fix but can be costly so if you are wanting to change out a number of rooms watch for sales and if the order is substantial you may get a package discount I have changed the look of a table lamp by changing out the shades at a reasonable cost.

Furniture when choosing furniture look at a style you like and find comfortable, if you just choose based on what’s current you may not be happy 4-5 years down the road I once went out on a house call to advise on furniture selection for the client who had just purchased their furniture 5 years ago from a high end furniture store and had the sofa, love seat, chairs even their drapery done in floral chintz which had been the trend for the last few years but was on its way out. Now if the main pieces had been done in a neutral fabric with chintz and floral accents it would have been a relatively inexpensive change.

Flooring area carpets are a great way to change the look of a room and you can find them in various price ranges.

Adding or removing plants from a room can give it a different look, I like to use silk plants in areas that don’t offer optimal growing conditions, great for basement media or family rooms.

And last but not least accents can update your look, change out cushions, art work, accessories on book shelves, coffee tables. Sometimes just taking everything off your bookcase or shelf’s and reorganizing items gives you the change you are looking for.

Natalie Brierley CID
Principal Designer
Earthaven Interiors Ltd