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  1. Mudroom Blues

    Posted By: admin on September 17, 2:29 PM

    Our kids are nicely seated back at their desks at school, the leaves are turning from green to gold and Canadian families go back inside to escape the chill that has returned to the air. There is no better time to consider the anarchy of the mudroom: shoes continually piled in disarray, coats strewn about, […]

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  2. 14 Tips on How to Get your Home Ready for Spring by ANA Interiors

    Posted By: admin on April 9, 11:16 PM

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    Posted By: admin on February 15, 9:00 AM

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  4. To Trend or Not to Trend?

    Posted By: admin on February 13, 9:28 PM

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  5. Colour Trends of 2015

    Posted By: admin on January 12, 10:13 PM

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  6. Designer – Rocking Chair – Picks

    Posted By: admin on December 22, 9:42 PM

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  7. Creating lasting memories this holiday season.

    Posted By: admin on November 19, 10:35 PM

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  8. A Comparison: Calgary Weather and a home Renovation

    Posted By: admin on September 23, 1:32 PM

    The crazy weather last week in Calgary caused a mix of anxiety and alarm. The anxiety arose when we had to drive in winter conditions unprepared without winter tires or snow brushes on hand. The alarm came from the shock of having beautiful sunshine just two days before and then afterwards the broken branches we […]

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  9. Some of My Favourite Things (in kitchen storage, that is!)

    Posted By: CDG_Group on September 19, 6:27 PM

    I love kitchens! They are an essential part of every house. For families, the kitchen is the central gathering space, it is the homework or craft room or even at times, it is “party central”. Of course, the most important role of the kitchen is preparing, cooking and serving meals. If your kitchen is not […]

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