Creating lasting memories this holiday season.

With the Christmas season just around the corner many of us are beginning to pull out our holiday decorations. As we consider hosting guests for dinner parties and events it’s important to remember that you are creating memories for yourself and your family day to day. We can all remember how our house was styled growing up and the efforts our parents made to make the Christmas season extra special. Now as adults, we realize how important those moments are as they still resonate with us to this day. The holiday spirit is often triggered by our environments as the Christmas tree is decorated, the fireplace is brought to life and the holiday lights sparkle. When decorating this holiday season, put in that extra bit of effort as it’s not just about the big events that we host but rather our day to day moments we spend surrounded in our lovely home.

When choosing decorations to display, make sure you pick items that bring you joy. Remember you will be the one looking at these items the most over the holiday season, so why not surround yourself with treasures that bring you happiness. It is also important to know that you don’t need to use every decoration you have kept over the years, instead pick the few that have the most memories and trade out different items each season. Even a few new decorations blended in will make your home feel different each year. Last, don’t over clutter your home with seasonal items, try using items with Christmas themes and patterns rather than the traditional Santa Clause everywhere.

For example, by using items that are solid gold, silver and white bring items with pattern and texture to life. Often our most interesting decorations become outshined by the items we insist on using. When decorating your dining table, a simple gold napkin can bring a festive look without overpowering the table in patterns. Leave the visual interest to the centerpiece of the table where your guest’s eye will go first. In the living room, use decorations sparingly on side tables as guests will want to be able to put down their drink without moving your display of snowmen. Instead, use small scale decorations and candles to give the room atmosphere allowing your tree and fireplace mantel to become the visual interest. Last, your front entry is a great place to invest time into as you greet your guests and wish them good bye. A few simple decorations can go a long way leading the festivity into your home.

To end off, have fun with your decorations and explore new ideas. Christmas allows us to celebrate with friends and family in the comfort of our home. Take pride in your decorations and share this holiday with those who mean the most.

Article by Lisa Danielewicz Lush Interiors
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