To Trend or Not to Trend?

It’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends and expensive, a person isn’t likely to change out there furniture every few years to keep up with trends.

But in saying that there are ways to keep your space current and out of a time warp by choosing wisely with professional help.

Paint is the easiest way to change the look of a space and with the proper prep and time you can do yourself, if you have high ceilings and cut out ceiling work hire a professional to save yourself the grief and cost of a fix job.

Lighting as well is a relativity simple fix but can be costly so if you are wanting to change out a number of rooms watch for sales and if the order is substantial you may get a package discount
I have changed the look of a table lamp by changing out the shades at a reasonable cost.

Furniture when choosing furniture look at a style you like and find comfortable, if you just choose based on what’s current you may not be happy 4-5 years down the road
I once went out on a house call to advise on furniture selection for the client who had just purchased their furniture 5 years ago from a high end furniture store and had the sofa, love seat, chairs even their drapery done in floral chintz which had been the trend for the last few years but was on its way out. Now if the main pieces had been done in a neutral fabric with chintz and floral accents it would have been a relatively inexpensive change.

Flooring area carpets are a great way to change the look of a room and you can find them in various price ranges.

Adding or removing plants from a room can give it a different look, I like to use silk plants in areas that don’t offer optimal growing conditions, great for basement media or family rooms.

And last but not least accents can update your look, change out cushions, art work, accessories on book shelves, coffee tables. Sometimes just taking everything off your bookcase or shelf’s and reorganizing items gives you the change you are looking for.

Natalie Brierley CID
Principal Designer
Earthaven Interiors Ltd

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